Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Elarbi Sebbane wins the fift Bouzghiba award 2009

Press release
Elarbi Sebbane honoured with
the fift Bouzghiba Prize in Humor

The Bouzghiba-Award 2009 is given to the Moroccan caricature artist Elarbi Sebbane. This award is being offered for the first time this year to a moroccan artist. This cultural prize was launched in 2005 by Razak the creator of Bouzghiba’s avatar and critic-movie in order to encourage comic performances around the World . For this year the prize should support across its symbolic goal ethic values. Elarbi Sebbane is known as a model of good behavior and for his own creativity. During twenty years of professional caricature he had been considered as a mirror of Moroccan society .The trophee is representing a painting made by Razak. It was given to the winner in the morning of Tuesday 3rd of November 2009.
Sebbane was born in 1948. His first exhibition was presented in 1966. Two years after he started to publish comic drawings in press. He was co-initiator of the arabic alliance of caricature artists headed by the famous Palestinian Naji al Ali. In Tunisia he participated to the great international exhibition dedicated to Human Rights (1984). Dr El Manjra awarded him ex-aequo with Moroccan humorist Ahmed Senoussi alias Bziz. They received a prize of “Tawassoul al Hadari “ (civilization in communicating ).
Razak who supervises this annual event has published a book in Canada (« Au delà de l’Artifex, je dis » Ed. Maxime, Montreal) .
So, after the third edition of Bouzghiba-awards he published a monographic book in order to make a special tribute in presenting the three winners (Patricia Piccinini 2005, French TV-program "C’Est pas Sorcier» 2006 and Theo Jansen 2007). The following winners will be presented in the second part of the monography. Art painting and bibliophilia are the two fundamentals characteristics that distinguish this cultural and anti-materialist prize.
One of the latest good news: In September 2009, the blog Bouzghiba-Awards powered by Blogger was well ranked ( second of TOP-10) by the American start-up in management of Web Ranking: Wholinkstome.

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