Monday, January 13, 2014

Football game is the winner of the Bouzghiba-Awards 2013

Press release
 Football game is the winner of the 
Bouzghiba-Awards 2013

 Because of its spectacular and its psychological achievement, exceptionally the trophy of Bouzghiba-Awards 2013 is given to football game as a winner. Symbolically, It was send to FIFA headquarter (Zurich, Switzerland) on January10th 2014, accompanied by two books written about this symbolic prize.
         The ’’Bouzghgiba-Awards” is an original cultural prize which was created   in 2005 by a Moroccan artist and critic-movie Razak Abderazzak . The creator of Bouzghiba’s avatar launched this cultural award in order to encourage humoristic performances around the World. The trophy is representing a painting made by him.
Razak who supervises this annual event is a writer. He published several books in Canada (1), Morocco (4) and French republic (3). He wrote three screen-plays and two drama-plays.
Concerning the historiography of this prize, after the third edition, he published the first part of the monographic book in order to make a special tribute in presenting the three winners (Patricia Piccinini 2005, French TV-program "C’Est pas Sorcier» 2006 and Theo Jansen 2007). The second part book was published in Paris in two versions (e-book and paper). Art painting and bibliophilia are the two fundamentals characteristics that distinguish this cultural and anti-materialist prize.
In the third part, it will be mentioned the brilliant itinerary of some genius players like: Pelé, Maradona, Benbarek, Yachine, Beckenbauer, Gento, Euzebio, Messie, Zidane, Platini. Short story of the FIFA and a few chapters about great clubs will be read in this book.  
 In the first months of 2014, Razak will organize an exhibit under theme:”Painting and Haikus”. His books and copies of the last nine Bouzghiba-Awards would be shown.

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