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Letter to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, China

Rabat, MOROCCO, January 3, 2009

His Excellence the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, China

Dear Minister
The talented Chinese movie-director ZHANG YIMOU which was the maestro of the opening of Beijing Olympic Games has won our annual and cultural trophy called Bouzghiba-Awards-2008. We want to send the trophy to him but we meet with more difficulties to have the safety contact with the lucky winner. We have written to the embassy of China in Rabat in order to send the trophy to the brilliant awarded ciné-director. We are waiting for the response and feedback. we have given it a copy of book “Bouzghiba-Awards Monographie” edited recently in French language). 20 days have passed but we have not receive any response . The embassy did not want to communicate with us. I don’t understand why. Is it a linguistic problem?
We need your help in giving us the address of Zhang Yimou for sending him the trophy (painting work, acrylic on wood support, weight 2 kilos approximatively).
The press-medias (national and international) which have covered the Bouzghiba-Awards in the three last editions are expecting and waiting for the final result. (Please see the weblog concerning the trophy:
I am an artist and film-critic from Morocco. Our annual prize encourages the productive performances and best artistic efforts in the world .The Bouzghiba- 2005 was dedicated to Patricia Piccinini . In the following year (2006) the award was given to the presenters of French and cultural TV-program called “C'est pas Sorcier”. Last year Theo Jansen was the third winner. All are well-presented in the book.The Bouzghiba Award-2008 is dedicated to ZHANG YIMOU because of his fantastic performance and efforts deployed in supervising the opening ceremony of Beijing-2008. We think that the unbelievable show of August 8th 2008 was wonderful and marvellous.
Best regards.

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