Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Press release *** Peter Brook wins the 12th Bouzghiba-Awards *****

Press release
 Peter Brook wins the 12th   

The 12th Bouzghiba-Awards is attributed  to  british playwrither Peter Brook in a tribute for his spectacular career achievement. He follows to Italian movie-music Ennio Morricone (winner of the 11th trophy) and Plantu (cartoonist and journalist, winner 2014).
            Peter brook is born on 1925 in London. He was the younger son of two Russian scientists who came to Britain in 1914 as refugees. After graduation at the famous university oxford the first job was as a writer/director with the Crown Film Unit. After this he was employed at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. In 1962 he returned to Stratford to work whit the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 1968 he wrote "The Empty Space". A precious book  where  he explains clearly as an professional  expert  his philosophy in theatre. In 1971, he created in Paris the Centre for Theatre Research.  He focused on cultural transcendence and human interculturalism.
Peter Brook is an unclassifiable creator. His humor has the subtlety to be synthesized more by physical actor’s gestures than pronunciation words. Like Russian Stanislavski, many directors of the new generation  go in his wake. Certainly the have read his  golden  book  "The Empty Space".
            The ’’Bouzghgiba-Awards” is an original cultural prize which was created   in 2005 by a Moroccan artist, writer and critic-movie Razak Abderazzak. The creator of Bouzghiba’s avatar launched this cultural award in order to encourage humoristic performances around the World. The trophy is represented by a painting made by him and inspired by the life of the laureate.
Art painting and bibliophilia are the two fundamentals characteristics that distinguish this cultural and anti-materialist prize. After each three editions, a new monographic book is published to develop the apology of the prizewinners, 3 Tomes have been published under the same label, including one in France.

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