Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan wins the 7th International Prize of Humour

Press release
The indian movie-star Shah Rukh Khan
wins the Bouzghiba-Awards 2011

The indian actor Shah Rukh Khan is the winner of Bouzghiba-Awards 2011.
He was born in 1965 in New Delhi. He is one of most influent movie-star of Asia. Strange circumstances had marked this famous and amazing actor.
In his autobiography He said:” My father was a chief engineer. My mother was a social worker, a first class magistrate. She had studied in Oxford. She was among the first few Muslim women to have achieved so much”.
Two copies of monographic book (part 1 and 2) will be added to the trophy and to the latest book recently published and that talks about Indian cinematography titled: “The Indian movies between Nirvana and Navarasas”.
In this book we underline the fantastic itinerary of the King of Bollywood.
The “Bouzghgiba-Awards” is an original cultural prize which was created in 2005 by Moroccan artist and critic-movie Razak Abderazzak . The creator of Bouzghiba’s avatar. He launched this cultural award in order to encourage humoristic performances around the World. The trophy is representing a painting made by him.
Razak who supervises this annual event published several books. So, after the third edition of Bouzghiba-Awards he published a monographic book in order to make a special tribute in presenting the three winners (Patricia Piccinini 2005, French TV-program "C’Est pas Sorcier» 2006 and Theo Jansen 2007). The three latest winners were presented in the second part of the monography. Art painting and bibliophilia are the two fundamental characteristics that distinguish this cultural and anti-materialist prize. In the latest years (2010-2011) Razak wrote:
-The Wall (drama)
-Le Videographe Justicier (science-fiction)
-Boumanjel le Gaucher (history)
-Zona (autobiography)
-The Indian movies between Nirvana and Navarasas.
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